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The Voicecraft Trademark

Voicecraft® is a registered Trade Mark in both Australia and New Zealand. Under Common Law, the Mark also belongs to Voicecraft® International in Europe.

Voicecraft® workshop participants are provided with an extensive and comprehensive manual to assist them with their own practice of Voicecraft® techniques. The manual does not include the research data from which many of the techniques have been developed. It does, however, provide a detailed over-view of workshop material, providing explanation and further practice exercises to assist skill development.

Voicecraft® tuition is predicated on the concept that every participant is heard, by the presenter, performing every critical manoeuvre. In this way, all workshop participants can be assured that they leave the workshop with Voicecraft® skill. Further practice is required to ensure mastery and automaticity with the various skills taught in a Voicecraft® workshop.

The Voicecraft® Manual is therefore privileged material and is prepared with workshop participants in mind and is protected by Copyright to Voicecraft® International Pty Ltd. It is hazardous for it to be passed to those who have not participated in a Voicecraft® workshop. Vocal injury could result should the techniques be attempted without guidance and evaluation as is provided at a Voicecraft® workshop. Workshop participants understand this issue and sign a disclaimer to the effect that they undertake not to distribute the material contained in the manual and if communicating this information or skill to another person, they commit themselves to drawing their own diagrams and describing the techniques in their own words whether oral or written.

Voicecraft® workshops require not only a knowledge of Voicecraft® but also training in the precise mode of transmission which is the hallmark of a Voicecraft® workshop. This involves careful consideration of the background, skills and sensitivities of each Voicecraft® workshop participant. It also requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of the research data which is the foundation of many of the techniques. Without this knowledge and understanding, Voicecraft® workshop teachers would be unable to defend this unique approach to the development of the human voice from those who would seek to equate it with their own work or who wish to understand how the techniques were validated.

Voicecraft® is a term coined by the late Dr Alison Bagnall in 1989, is a registered Trade Mark and applies to the body of work which she developed and taught internationally. Voicecraft® workshop participants are at liberty to use Voicecraft® therapy within the studio, classroom, clinic etc. but are not equipped or sufficiently skilled to teach workshops. Unfortunately, in the past, confusion has arisen between the use of the term Voice Craft by proponents of the “Compulsory Figures for Voice” or “The Estill Model”. It is, therefore, essential that those undertaking Voicecraft® workshops realise the legal implications should they promulgate their work as “Voicecraft® training”. If they have taken a Voicecraft® workshop, then they are at liberty to describe themselves as someone who has undertaken a Voicecraft® workshop through Voicecraft® International Pty Ltd.