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Want to know more about the latest in voice therapy, developments in Voicecraft, new and current workshops, the most recent research findings, complex clinical scenarios and ideas for solution? Then why not become a Voicecraft Network member?

    The first Voicecraft Network Newsletter is available to members. Here are some snippets of what is revealed. 

    Who is behind Voicecraft?

    As this is the first newsletter since the launch of our new website and membership, it’ a great time to answer “Who is behind Voicecraft?” and introduce some of the team of people that make the workshops, website and newsletter happen.  Read more

    So what is Voicecraft? – by Cate Madill

    Voicecraft is a collection of work, a synthesis of ideas, a systematic process of thinking about and applying evidence from voice science and practise-based evidence in the training and remediation of the voice.  Read more

    Latest published Evidence for Voicecraft
    This latest publication on Voicecraft is the first from a large study on the efficacy of Voicecraft training …. Read more

    Questions for Cate!

    Releasing laryngeal Constriction with children – by Alison Bagnell

    Negative practice is a powerful way of teaching a new skill. Systems theorist – Gregory Bateson (and I paraphrase) maintained that it is our ability to make distinctions that facilitates our ability to learn.  Hence, the greater the distinction, the greater the power for learning.  Read more

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