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Voicecraft Network Newsletter

Who is behind Voicecraft?

As this is the first newsletter since the launch of our new website and membership, it’ a great time to answer “Who is behind Voicecraft?” and introduce some of the team of people that make the workshops, website and newsletter happen.  Read more

So what is Voicecraft? – by Cate Madill

Voicecraft is a collection of work, a synthesis of ideas, a systematic process of thinking about and applying evidence from voice science and practise-based evidence in the training and remediation of the voice.  Read more

Latest published Evidence for Voicecraft
This latest publication on Voicecraft is the first from a large study on the efficacy of Voicecraft training …. Read more

Questions for Cate!

Releasing laryngeal Constriction with children – by Alison Bagnell

Negative practice is a powerful way of teaching a new skill. Systems theorist – Gregory Bateson (and I paraphrase) maintained that it is our ability to make distinctions that facilitates our ability to learn.  Hence, the greater the distinction, the greater the power for learning.  Read more

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