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Refresher Workshop for Speech Pathologists

Refresher Workshop for Speech Pathologists

Refresher Workshop for Speech Pathologists


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This 1 day workshop provides an opportunity to revise and re-engage with the concepts, skills and application of the Voicecraft Essentials and Advanced courses.

The course provides a summary of the theory and evidence including the basic principles and skills included in the Voicecraft approach. The latest evidence and updates from the scientific literature will also be presented.

The course will also provide an opportunity for each participant to review and receive feedback on all of the techniques they learnt in the Essentials and Advanced Workshop.

Application of the techniques and process of change to real life cases will be discussed. Participants are encouraged to bring along de-identified case examples for troubleshooting and discussion.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to check and further develop the skills they acquired in the Essentials and Advanced workshop.

A manual is provided.


Assumed knowledge: 

Speech Pathology qualification

Completion of Essentials and/or Advanced workshop and/or 6 day workshop

Expected outcomes:

  • Confidence in the application of the Voicecraft therapy approaches to general voice disorder classifications and individual cases.
  • Acquisition and understanding of the latest evidence for using Voicecraft therapies.
  • Increased confidence in modelling and providing feedback on the Voicecraft perceptual and motor skills
  • Increased confidence in troubleshooting specific case examples.