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Assessment Workshop for Speech Pathologists (1 day)

Assessment Workshop for Speech Pathologists (1 day)

Assessment Workshop for Speech Pathologists (1 day)


This workshop is looking to return in 2023.  Watch this space


This 1 day workshop focuses on the skills and processes of a detailed and comprehensive voice assessment protocol conducted by Speech Pathologists who do not conduct laryngoscopy procedures themselves.

The course covers perceptual assessment, using both standard and functional assessment rating tools; acoustic analysis using freely available software and cheap, easily accessible technology; functional assessment protocols for a standard voice assessment and specific populations; introduction to the Voicecraft Assessment Tool and interpretation of laryngoscopic and stroboscopic recordings of the larynx. This workshop will allow participants to conduct a standardised voice assessment on both adults and children, aiding in more accurate diagnosis and treatment of voice disorder.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to conduct a reliable and comprehensive voice assessment in any clinical setting.

A manual is provided. 

Assumed knowledge: 

Speech Pathology qualification

Expected outcomes:

  • Confidence in conducting a comprehensive voice assessment with children and adults (without laryngoscopy).
  • Accurate and appropriate use of voice recording equipment and acoustic analysis of recorded sound files.
  • Increased confidence and reliability auditory-perceptual in assessment of voice.
  • Increased confidence and reliability in visual analysis of videolaryngoscopic footage.
  • Awareness of utility of palpation and visual observation in voice assessment.
  • Increased confidence in interpretation and preliminary differential diagnosis of voice assessment results.